Brainstorm Strategies is an HR consulting firm

Our resources are manpower recruitment of IT profiles, Training and development, HR audits, payroll services, Background verification, Corporate Training and career counselling.


Brainstorm Strategies is an excellent HR consultancy firm that is a self-owned company. It is intended to offer various kinds of HR-based quality services in all industries.

Our highly trained workforce for each specialised area is the backbone of our company and has a comprehensive understanding of the requirement precisely to provide smooth and customised service products as per individual’s specific requirements.

It is our quality service that not only helps us to retain our all existing clients and also helps us to enrich the client list that we received through recommendations.

  • Consultations
  • Brilliant Client Service
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Artificial Campaign
  • Innovative Solutions
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The company is one-stop-shop to meet all HR requirement in terms of providing:

IT and Non-IT recruitment services

Expertise in IT recruitment Training

Human resources Planning.

HR payroll

HR Consultation

HR Audits

Training and Development.

Career Counselling

Labour laws

Background Verification

Performance management cycle

“Leading people , Leading organizations”

We are a group having similar goals to provide efficient HR consulting services to the companies and by outsourcing their HR functions companies can save a huge amount of money as well as time , managing on their own.

Career Counselling
HR Consulting
Training and Development
Payroll & Salary

Why Choose Us

Serving for a prosperous growth”. 

Fast Building

Our HR consulting Services helps to improve performance of an organisation by offering  training and coaching to individuals in key areas.

Carefully Planned

Our consulting service is the perfect solution for business organisations or industries that don’t have an HR department or who need additional employment expertise to maintain regulatory compliance.

Smartly Execute

Our highly skilled staff assist you to grow your business and adhere to the labour laws and HR policies of India. 

Perfect Design

The team consists of skilled IT recruiters , Trainers , Experience HR trainers and legal eagles consultants in Delhi.


Brainstorm Strategies – They are one of our most valuable and appreciated strategic companies as you get us and what we are all about. I am at a loss for words to express how much we value and trust you and how much we value the care and consideration you have shown to us. I want to do business with people that I know care about us, our business, and our team. You do it in a big way and it shows.

Abishek Sharma

Software developer

Having an HR team allows you to work on your business and they can do the work behind the scenes. Brainstorm Strategies have been of huge help to us in expanding our company and keeping employees. They also coach you to know when you need to dissolve a partnership. Sometimes, as business owners, we don’t have all the resources at our disposal to ensure that we’ve done our due diligence. They may claim that you have taken all the necessary business-related actions as a third party. This enables you to invest in your employees to advance them and expand your company.

Neha Rastogi


The relationship with Brainstorm Strategies seems to be more professional than any other interaction we’ve had with an HR service provider. They value that they assist us in being more strategic about our HR efforts, and they modify their services to meet our requirements. This is vital for our non-profit organization.

Rakesh Rana

HR Manager


It is our quality service that not only helps us to retain our all existing clients and also helps us to enrich the client list that we received through recommendations.

Why do I need to outsource HR services for my organization?

We are a highly knowledgeable and experienced Human Resources Team. With over 20 years of combined HR experience.One of the primary benefits of choosing HR consulting firms is that it is cost-effective. Instead of hiring a team of HR professionals, one gets the whole human resource expertise within an affordable package.  Furthermore, entrepreneurs prefer to focus on their core business and, therefore, opt to outsource HR services for effective people management. 

Will I get a dedicated HR consultant/manager?

As an expert HR consultant, we believe in a flexible offering of our assistance. If you require a dedicated HR consultant/manager who will directly work with you without any external intervention, our expert HR consultants will be ready to assist you.

Does Brainstorm Strategies corporation maintains complete data confidentiality?

As an organisation ourselves, we understand the importance and necessity of company data confidentiality. Therefore, along with our dedicated HR assistance, we also offer the promise of keeping company data classified.  

How can I opt for Brainstorm Strategies HR services?

You can drop a mail at  or  directly contact us at +(+91) 95605 – 07856. Your query will be acknowledged within 24 Hours.

The company is one-stop-shop to meet all HR requirement in terms of providing:


Your query will be acknowledged within 24 Hours.

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+(+91) 95605 – 07856

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